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To Blog or Not-to-Blog About The Elderly?

Right then.

I recently trotted along to an unassuming one day seminar thingy on Blogging. For a long time now I've felt the need to share my personal revelations, observations and thought-provoking anecdotes acquired during my work: caring and supporting elderly people still living independently in their own homes and out and about in the community.

Therefore, I'd decided that rather than attempting to launch production of the proverbial book-come-mini-series just yet... that a Blog might be a more realistic way to begin one's humble writing journey.

And perhaps if other Aged-Care workers out there were able to relate to some of my silly Senior Citizen stories... or I made a few people smile along the way, then that was good enough for me to at least give it a crack.

Be almost wrong not to, surely?

Or so I thought.

After the introduction from a very professionally lip-sticked and suited-up lecturer lady "Just call me Sooze" we went round the room so that each person (around 20 of us) could say our names and explain the theme of our chosen Blog-to-be.

Interesting to note, the entire class were all women – was that a good thing?

Where were all the boy bloggers then?

So off we went… each of us standing up to present our brief spiel to the rest of the class.  All of us surreptitiously trying to impress the pants off  'Call Me Sooze' and at the same time making our own Blog sound bigger (and potentially more fabulous) than all the other wannabee bloggers.

In summary, the stats ran something like this:

  • 3 x  At Home Mums wanting to share a raising of children Blog  (no comment)
  • 1 x  At Home Mum wanting to share a raising of children with Autism Blog (all THREE of them, the poor bloody woman!)
  • 1 x  At Home Mum Coaching her Kid’s Soccer Team Blog (odd, I thought)
  • 1 x  At Home Mum post-baby Weight Loss Diary Blog (ok, whatever)
  • 2 x  At Home Mums wanting to share an EVERYTHING Blog (yawn… or is that just me?)
  • 1 x  Travel Adventures of a trip through Africa Blog (yeah, sounds cool)
  • 1 x  Travel Adventures of a trip around USA Blog (again with the cool)
  • 1 x  Travel Adventures of a Vietnam trip not-yet-travelled Blog (are we there yet?)
  • 1 x  Living in Australia after immigrating from Ireland Blog (to be sure, to be sure)
  • 1 x  A Neighbourhood Community News Blog (quite like the idea of this one)
  • 2 x  Beauty & Hair Blogs (the market would be swamped, surely)
  • 1 x  A Garden Diary Blog  (yeah noice... but ditto, as per above)
  • 3 x  Cooking/Recipe Blogs (more food?...is it any wonder we're all FAT)

And then lucky last - it was my turn.

“I’m hoping to start a ‘Working in Aged Care’ blog,” says I, all very assertive and with my confidence at full tilt.

“As in me, a care-worker... writing about Old People and my adventures and experiences as I care for them in their homes".

"And other stuff related to Ageing”, I add so as to round it off like I really meant it.

Sharing Silly stories about the Elderly
Look out, dear...


The snigger that went round the class... they were bloody laughing!  Or more precisely, they were laughing at me writing a Blog on apparent preposterous subject matter as 'the Elderly' clearly was.

Even Call-Me-Sooze, with her pointy nose and bright red lippy was goddam tittering.


We had moved on with the seminar, but I was still left feeling miffed as to why my Blog would be any less ingenious than everyone else’s rotten run-of-the-mill blogs. For goodness sake, you can’t tell me that yet another bored housewife’s wafflings on how to remove toddler vomit from the shagpile… or 101 ways to get a three year old to eat broccoli, is going to make for riveting reading.

And hasn't that already been done to death?


And what did they find so amusing about old people anyway?

We all know people who are old.  Let's face it, and there's no escaping it no matter how strong, sexy and svelt you think you are today... we've got no choice... WE ARE ALL GOING TO GET OLD!

So wouldn't it be helpful (and kinda nice) to read some good down-to-earth commentary on the issues and concerns that our beloved elderly face as they fight to stay in their own homes for as long as they possibly can?

To understand their plight to stay out of the Nursing Home; to admire their determination to remain in the house that they raised their family in and shared their lives with the people they loved and made memories with?

And how refreshing to read a lively, honest and heartfelt blog from someone who actually works with the older adults in our lives.  Someone who cares for them… who offers dignity and respect to the ageing parents and grandparents of this mostly self-absorbed society… so that they can feel they are still valued, contributing members of the community…


I didn't stay for a cuppa at the end of the course, mainly because I was too peeved with 'Call Me Sooze' and her snooty attitude (not to mention her tarty makeup).  But also because I felt deeply compelled to rush home and get started on my complete-waste-of-time, what’s-the-point-because-it’s-such-a-boring-idea BLOG ABOUT OLD PEOPLE.  

Dam it, I was all fired up and ready to roll.

Even better: I was ready to WRITE.

Indeed I intended to produce the most topically mind-blowing Blog ever produced in the blogging universe.  


Plus I now felt totally motivated with the thought that one day, whilst wallowing in my own undoubted award-winning blog-tastic success... I could stick it right up Call Me Sooze's bottom!

And so here it is.... Blog #1


<insert ridiculous, yet defiant, smiley-face icon wotsit here>


A blog about old people
I did call her Sooze
(amongst other things...)

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