Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dang-Dang...it's a Gang-Gang Cockatoo!

Yes, it's Bird-Watching time

Apologies for being a bit dorky... but had to share this because I know how much my beloved elderly clients love birds.  And quite honestly, when there's a fabulous piccy like this to be bandied about - SO DO I!

Especially those that are native to Oz and are sitting, literally, in our own back yard.

Look who I found on my travels today:

Old People Love Native Birds
Hello there, Georgie-Gang-Gang

Arriving bang-bang on the dot at 7am at Mr Roger Longbeak's home to help get him up, showered, shaved and ready for his busy day of sitting in the sun... I found this cheeky little guy (with a definite wicked glint in his eye) sitting having a munch in a bushful of berries.

Isn't he just gorrrrgeous!

Having googled it already, I can appear very knowledgeable and tell you that he's an Australian Gang-Gang Cockatoo and that yes, he is a boy, because the girlie Gang-Gangs aren't lucky enough to sport the flaming red mohawk their male counterparts strut about in.

As a side note, the distinctive call of the Gang-Gang (when he sang-sang?) is supposedly likened to the noise of a cork being pulled from a wine bottle.  Now that I would quite like to hear.

No zoom lens required - this is fair dinkum how close he let me come as he picked away at his berry brekky (or tearing the bush apart more like it)... with his spunky red hair-piece bristling in the breeze.

To hang-hang with work - I could've watched him for hours!

Berry-munching Gang Gang Cockatoo
Who's a pretty boy then?

However, here's the not so gorgeous mess he left behind on Mr Longbeak's driveway......

Berry bush destroyes by a Gang Gang
Who's a naughty boy then?

...and grumpy old Roger wasn't too impressed.

Rushing out the front door waving his broom in the air like a crazed samurai warrior, the generally frail Roger Longbeak made such a fuss (and quite possibly threw his back out) that Georgie-Gang-Gang took off in fright.

Such a shame-shame (ahhh stretching it now Dolly).  I guess not all old people like birds as much as they think they do.  Well, not when it comes to sweeping up after them.

Thanks for the morning thrill, Georgie-Gang-Gang-WANG-ZANG!!!


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