Monday, 7 July 2014

The Magnolias are Bloomin' Luverly!

I get all excited when I see the Maggies starting to burst forth! 

Just had to share....

Magnolias in an Old Lady's Garden
'Heaven Scent'  us this lovely specimen!

Mrs Lilly Budwell tells me this Magnolia display in her backyard is a 'Heaven Scent' variety.
And she should know because her Harold planted it for her ten Septembers ago on their 60th wedding anniversary... and then he upped and died of a heart attack on the exact same day last year.

Lilly shared with me one day with a special twinkle in her eye... that even though her "Harry-boy" was no longer here - with every bud that pops open, she says feels it's like a secret kiss delivered just from him!

Can't you can just FEEL the love?

Elderly People love nature
Look at me!  Look at me! 
An adorable 'Star' Magnolia getting itself noticed in Mrs Wendy Whiteflower's chilly, wintery garden

Don't know about you lot but I lurrrve Magnolias - so inspiring on a dreary cold day.

I had to stand on a dodgy home-made rock wall to take this photo.  'Twas a bit of a close shave in the end and I may have done something to my ankle???  Shhh don't tell the OH&S department...

The things I do for this silly old bloggity Blog BLOG.  

May you enjoy the beautful bursts of pink and white Magnolia-ness as much as I do!


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