Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Mop Up, Dry Up and Piss Off!

MOPPING PART 4 - Floors Show's Over, Nothing to See Here

Ok, so you've done all the hard 'mop n bucket' work - it's time now to tidy up and attend to the odds and sods while your moist floor dries.  Just a few things that all diligent Home Carers need to be aware of before they wave goodbye to their beloved elderly clients.
Off we go then:

1.   Allow your sparkling, freshly-cleaned flooring surface to dry completely by opening doors and windows so the airflow can do the job naturally.  There should be no need to ‘dry-mop’ or for getting down on hands and knees to manually rub dry with towels… no matter how much your elderly client may insist on it or tell you that Rhonda did it like that last week, so why can’t you?

Dam you, Reckless Rhonda.

2.   Or if it’s too cold/hot to open windows, perhaps popping the air conditioner or a heater on can help speed up the drying process so that you can eventually leave your client’s home knowing they will be safe as safe can be. 

This is imperative and NOT up for debate.  Even if you have to stay a bit longer than scheduled - just suck it up and do it.  Next time organise your time better so you’ve got a set drying period available at the end of all your hard work (as well as time for the standard cake and cuppa, most important - PRIORITIES PEOPLE!)

There are some horror stories out there about Carers who have packed up and said their farewells to their elderly clients, only to hear later that she slipped violently on the tiles THAT YOU LEFT WET…cracked both wrists, shattered her hip in three places and will now be in Rehab for months learning to walk again.

You just DON’T want this on your employee record- let alone your conscience!

Mop me like you mean it, baby!

But there’s plenty to do while damp floors are drying (aside from sipping cups of tea with your client):

1.   Tip out the resulting dirty bucket water into a laundry tub, onto the garden or down the dunny.  Perhaps let your client tell you what they prefer here because it’s actually important that they feel as if they are still contributing, even if it is only to the household chores. 

2.   Give the bucket a quick rinse-a-roo and preferably leave upside down to drain and dry out somewhere like out on the back step or in an appointed spot in the laundry.

3.   It’s now a time to appreciate the tender moments; give your mop the attention it deserves by giving it a good final rinse and wring and then hang it somewhere it can drip-dry freely. Don’t just leave it head-down in the wet bucket to congeal and turn nasty, stinky and dank (another great word that, DANK).  Bear in mind it will probably be you as the client’s regular Home Carer, who will be using it in a fortnights time so leave it how you’d like to find it.

The best idea (if you can) is to leave the mop hanging in a nice sunny spot outside so it gets the ultimate airing out and becomes beautifully fresh and as germ-free as your ever gonna get anything.  As mother always said, things are REALLY clean when they’ve had a dose of sunshine on them – not just for baby's bottoms; it works on mops too!

4.   Finally, execute a general tidy up by returning all furniture, other bits & bobs (and the bastard rugs) you may have moved, back to their rightful pozzy.  Old people REALLY appreciate it when respect is shown to their stuff so I can’t recommend highly enough that you put things back where you found them.

5.   Last, but not least… do one last check (unfailingly) that all the floors you have mopped are DRY BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

6.   Woo Hoo, it's time to hook into that big fat slice of orange & poppyseed cake your client kindly presented you with!  But for goodness sake, try not to drop crumbs all over the lovely clean floor this time, will you?

Sharing a cup of tea and a chat with elderly clients
You know you deserve this

Oh, and don't forget... HAPPY MOPPING!


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