Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Cat in the Hat on 'Ageing'

Getting Old, Sam-I-Am?

Here we have a cute little ditty by every family's favourite storyteller, Dr Seuss.

Although probably not appropriate for kids, I think it sums up perfectly how most of us feel at the thought of eventually losing our marbles faculties and becoming ELDERLY.

Short and sweet but told in that uniquely Dr Seuss style that we know and love... it offers a nice slap in the face as we realise that one day, we will be old too.

I especially love the defiant twist at the end meant to bring it all into context and make us snort out loud!

Getting old SUCKS!

I wish I could not get old in a House,
I wish I would not get old with a Mouse
I'm not getting old in a tatty grey Coat,
And Im not getting old riding shot-gun on a Goat
I do not like getting old Here or There,
I will not be getting old ANY-BLOODY-WHERE!

(Sorry, couldn't resist... totally laughed out loud as I wrote that)

Dollie Dingbat

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