Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lovely Lips for Lois

Ever wondered what 'true love' really is?


I witnessed the most perfect display of selfless and unconditional love today.  An unexpected yet beautifully presented scene that just randomly played out before me – in a Target store, of all places.

And while I'm pleased that I happened upon such a thought-provoking little interlude, I'm also doubly chuffed that I managed to snap a very nice photo of it as well. Working in the Aged-Care industry, I've long since realised the value of capturing the special moments as they come along - no matter how inconsequential they might seem at the time.

A picture is worth a thousand words, don't they say?  I hope you'll find this heart-warming piccy, which I've saved til the end of my story (because I can), worthy of being written about.

A picture of some cheeky looking Galahs to tide you over:

Elderly couple do it in style!

Who's a pretty boy then?

But firstly, and you may not know this...but shopping centres during the daytime on weekdays, transform into what can only be described as a Pensioners Paradise!

Yes indeedy, for while the rest of us are off being dutifully occupied at work and school, teams of opportunistic Seniors get to roam freely in herd-like fashion throughout the malls.  Albeit a silver-haired very slowwww moving herd - but a herd all the same.

Chatting with other like-minded Old Dear,s leisurely pushing trolleys or pulling those wheeled cart thingamees... they get their errands run unhindered and unflustered.  Enjoying the shopping experience safely at their own pace and without judgement or pressure from any of us raucous unruly lot, thank you very much.

Not to mention packing out the cafes and teashops to the brim when it's time for the proverbial nice hot cuppa.  (Cream cake too, if blood sugar meds allow it).

Fear not though... for by the time we self-appointed important people all barrel into the supermarkets to hunt and gather for the family din-dins, these older folk are long gone.  Back at home, unpacked and un-shoed...they've completed their quests and are now poised in recliners awaiting the next thrilling instalment of Family Feud.

Yet, here I found myself today, thanks to a late cancellation, breaking all of society's sacred unwritten rules... I decided to make an impromptu visit to my local shopping centre.

And as I stood in the toiletries aisle languishing in my newfound mid-morn freedom, deliberating on whether to go the strawberry or the vanilla flavoured lip-gloss (it’s a tough life), I could hear a softly-spoken male voice at the cosmetics section behind me.  Upon changing my angle, I saw it was an older gent with white hair standing alongside what was evidently his matching elderly wife in a wheelchair. 

With stiff stooped shoulders and her wasted hands laying motionless in her lap, she clearly had serious health problems (I speculated it might be MS but hard to really know).  However, that wasn't an issue for this pair who, oblivious to me and my life-threatening chapstick dilemma, were focused on choosing lipsticks.

And even more fortunately for her, I thought - her husband was doing it spectacularly!

“Honey Beige, Melting Melon, Glazed Caramel… what the heck?  Some of these colours, Lois… sounds more like food to me.  That reminds me, we'll do the groceries after this”.

Lovely sounding hubby was now donning his reading specs in order to read the ridiculously teeny tiny writing found on most lippys.  A man on a mission and with no shop assistant in sight, he clearly felt at ease in what was typically a woman’s domain.  Regardless of her health state, his wife was still a lady and therefore there was no reason in the world why she shouldn't maintain the beauty regimes that allowed her to feel feminine and ‘normal’.   

“Pink Opal… Berry Beauty… Flushed Fuchsia.  But they're ALL pink!  There's just such a lot to pick from, Lois.  And I was thinking 'pink' was just PINK!”

(In my head I had to agree.... STUPID SAME-COLOURED LIPSTICKS!)

Caring for an Elderly Spouse 

“Nude Mauve!"

"Erotic Blush!"

"Ravishing Rose!!!"

"Good gracious me, darling... I think these naughty-sounding ones might be a bit much!”

(I laughed out loud at this comment, nearly blowing my cover but managed to change position while edging closer to the action).

“Here, let's try this one, Lois.  Forever Precious it’s called… that’s definitely you my darling.  And it's such a pretty pink.”

As Lois sat motionless, in her purely supervisory capacity, her adoring spouse crouched down before her to apply yet another shade of pink to the back of his wife’s lifeless hand.  They'd obviously been at it for a while because they seemed to have the routine down pat.  He would mark her skin for testing, pause to stand back and admire, then discuss yes or no (with himself),before a gentle wipe with the tissuein preparation for the next one. 

(OK, yes by now I was melting on the inside – it was gorgeous to watch)

“This Smokey Pearl one here… that'll match your new pink blouse, Lois. The one we bought for Bryce’s graduation.  But let’s get the Charming Coral one as well.  Just in case, yes?”

Apparently Lois could speak but it must've been only just, as he had to lean his ear right into her face to hear her.

“Ha ha yes!  'Charming’ – just like me!  Ha ha ha… good one, my darling”

(Brilliant! Lois was being silly too!)

“Here's one...Spiced Coffee.  Oh for goodness sake, Lois!  How about we have a think about it all and go get some ‘spiced coffee’ of our own?  There’s a nice cafĂ© over there; they might have some ‘Glazed Caramel’ we can chew on too.  What fun!”

As they wheeled off out of the shop, I couldn't see Lois’s face but I felt sure she would be smiling and thoroughly enjoying herself.  Having such a kind and genuinely loving man by her side, helping her choose lipsticks no less.


And how he spoke to her.... the way he interacted with her!  Such patience and grace, the undeniable care and commitment he showed for his dear disabled wife; it was truly truly admirable. 

In fact, I had no doubt that Lois, in her sad wheely-bound existence - thanks to this sweet and devoted man.... got to smile every single day of her life .

Now, as promised------- the photo to end all photos!  One that I hope makes you go awwwww all over the place:


Elderly Couples

...a thousand words



  1. PERFECT for AWW - EXACTLY the article they need. And wouldnt it go down a treat - readers clamouring for MORE!
    - Louise

  2. Funny you should say that Louise, my dear friend Hilary just said the same thing to me! Dare we even dream?????
    Thanks for popping by Lou Lou - and may all your lipsticks be PINK ONES xxx