Thursday, 28 July 2016

Good Morning, Worm Annie!

Down 'n' Dirty 

"I used to love reading to the Prep kids at the local primary school - a couple of days a week  I'd pop in.  It was good fun.

Course, I'm not able to do it now because my legs won't let me... they only had the tiny chairs.  These days I'd make it down... but I'd never get back up.  Oh dear!

I used to tell the boys and girls all about Recycling too.   And how important it was for everyone to tidy up and wash out their milk bottles so they wouldn't go all smelly in the bins. 

They used to call me "Worm Annie" because I'd tell them how worms were good for the garden and I remember we got the school janitor chap to build us a compost bin so we could 'grow' our own worms.   They loved it.   Even the girls got stuck into it.

Ha ha, I remember when a new teacher started and on her first day the children all called out "here comes Worm Annie"  - she got a bit upset with them because she thought they were being mean to me!"

- Mrs Anne Wetgrass, aged 86
(Raving recycler & knock-kneed knitting addict)

Elderly teaching kids about life
...icky WORMS!

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