Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Ban the Bra?

"I'm always amazed how you girls do your Bras up!

You know, reaching behind.  All in one go... just swish and click you're good to go.  I mean, I've been an engineer all my life and I never understood how Gladys did it!

But she's been taking longer and longer these days, to get dressed.  And things started to change the day she started doing her Bra up from the front.  As in clicking it up down there and then swivelling it around to the back, you know?

One day I went in to check on her... she was taking ages... and I knew we were in trouble when I found her sitting on the edge of the bed... she was looking at me so confused.

Turns out she'd gotten herself all twisted up... into a right mess... I realised she'd been trying to get her legs through the loops of her dam Bra, poor girl!"

-  Tom Bosomly, aged 89
(And dear wife Gladys, recently diagnosed with Dementia)

Elderly needing assistance to dress

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