Wednesday, 21 September 2016

HELP! The Computer Swallowed Grandma

You wanna do WHAT with my Cookies?

Before we go scoffing and rolling our eyes too loudly when it comes to mustering the patience for showing an aging parent how to "logger" themselves onto a recently erected PC, iPad or Tablet device, consider this:

-----> Your mother taught you how to hold a spoon, wipe your bottom and count to ten.

Did she poke fun at you then?

Or when a grandparent who is desperately trying to master the art of “this email caper” just so she can stay in touch with her grandkids (yes, your children)... because nobody writes letters any more and rather than being left behind and feeling cut-off from her family, she is at least making the effort to come to grips with all this “techno-wotsit-gadgetry” even though it is completely foreign and feels so impersonal to her.

And isn't it just gorgeous when she thinks how mod and trendy she is when she finally DOES manage to rattle off an email to her darling 16 year old grandson Max (it's only taken her most of a day).

And then being so extra clever and computer savvy enough to sign off with "LOL from Grandma" just for effect (that's Lots of Love, isn't it?)

You have to admire her for at least giving it a crack though, don't you?

"Oh, Maxi will be SO impressed to see how his grandmother knows 'dot com' stuff!"

More and more it seems I'm getting asked by my elderly clients as I visit them in their homes, to have a look at their jammed-up unresponsive computers or merely to explain what "that funny noise" means and how it only started making it after that dreadful storm last week.

Do you think perhaps some water got into the wiring, Dollie?”

That the "inter-web must be broken" because the screen hasn't lit up... or that “I think I've wiped the internet” (after accidentally deleting her own shortcut icon)... or asking if one needed to locate an 'App' just to bring up the local bus timetable.

"Would it help if I hopped on to 'The Google' instead, Dollie?"

In my experience (and being that it would be totally inhumane and nasty), there is no merit gained from sniggering into the face of an earnest older adult who is already feeling inadequate.  They understand and accept that all this new whizz-bang technology is completely over their head and that of course they know how silly they must look to us younger smarty-pant types.

Instead, I sit down, and LISTEN to what they are trying to achieve and if it sounds like something basic (such as the plug not being turned on at the wall), then I tactfully suggest we try giving the switch a flick and see how that goes.  I then like to say "Oh, it happens all the time, Mrs Terrabyte, no need to feel embarrassed.  In fact, I sometimes do it myself!"

And then we laugh.... until she reveals for the life of her she can't remember what her wretched password is and could she use mine?

So here's a cute little poem I found "on the line" that suits the occasion and ends very nicely too.

Elderly and Computers (Technology)
double click... back-space... tab?

See what I mean – CUTE!  

Of course in real life, we would never wish to lose dear ol' Grammy into the deep dark depths of the cyberspace abyss (or have her gobbled up by a worm), in a million years. 

Who else is gonna tell us where the 'cookies' are stored?

Tee hee!!


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