Monday, 17 April 2017

When is 'The End of the Road' for Older Drivers?

Make Way, Kids... Bernice is Comin' Through!!

Being rather topical at the moment, there's a lot to be said about older adults and driving and whether or not they should even BE behind the wheel 'at their age'.

Just about anyone you ask has their own take on this subject, along with plenty of reasons (and possibly a good road rage incident or three) to justify their particular view.

In my opinion (such as it is), I feel we are each so distinctly individual and therefore a person's driving abilities, their physical condition (eyesight, reflexes, medical issues, sanity(!) etc) should all be taken into consideration and then judged in their own right.

Or in some cases - NOT right.

Let's face it, some people should NEVER be let loose on the roads regardless of what their age might be!  To be honest, I have a couple of my own friends still in their 40's, whom I could easily slot into this category (knuckle-clenching is the best word I would use to describe a trip in the car with these clowns).

Having said all that, there does seem to be a noticeable wave of Senior drivers accidentally landing their cars into the front rooms of innocent people's homes recently.  In fact every other week we turn on the telly and get told about the latest dear old biddy who has, for whatever reason, become confused and ploughed her 1987 Toyota Corolla into a toddler's bedroom or a schoolyard full of children.

We cross our fingers that no one was injured (or worse).  Followed then by a rolling of our eyes as we make rash generalised statements that anyone of such advanced years (over 70?... over 80?... older?) should be made to sit a special test to prove themselves drive-worthy.


Arguably, the next news item is then horrific footage showing some hoon 20-something, showing off to his girlfriend, horrendously breaking the speed limit, high on some illegal substance - WHATEVER.  But it's resulted in him wrapping himself and his car around a pole, and wiping out the electricity supply across four suburbs

More significantly, and so painfully heart-wrenching, is the mother and six children coming the opposite way, who are killed instantly in their family staton wagon, 

Both scenarios are shocking and bloody terrifying whichever way you want to look at it.

So in the meantime, as you mull that over... let's cheer things up a bit with this little gem (although a bit hypocritical of me, yes):

Old People behind the wheel

Buckle up, Bruno!

The dog's eyes (looks like a Bruno, to me) in this photo speak volumes in the confidence he has in this sweet old girl's abilities.  Hopefully he lives to tell the tale...

<insert timid WOOF sound here>

She looks like she means it though - and I'm dam sure I wouldn't wanna mess with her!

Stay safe out there, folks and happy travels,

.....BEEP, BEEP!!!


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