But what's it all about, Dollie?

Don't Get Old!

(formerly "Confessions of an Aged-Care Worker")

Join me on my thought-provoking journey into the weird, wonderful and often wobbly world of working with the elderly in their own homes.

Attempting to make a difference in the lives of my fiercely independent (sometimes gloriously grumpy), yet unashamedly determined clients... in their quest to STAY PUT!

Sharing their good happy strong times, their sad awful despairing times and discovering what it really means when they tell me: "Don't get old, Dollie!"  

Isn't there always time for another cuppa?

That would be Dollie DO-GOOD!

From the frustration of failing Eyesight, failing Bladders & failing Memory... to bad Knees, bad Falls, broken Hips and paper-thin Skin that just won’t heal. 

Dementia, Diabetes... the despair of Depression and feeling socially isolated in a busy, busy world.  

Providing support & assisting older adults with their daily living tasks as they recover from Stroke, battle Cancer or just lending an ear after the loss of a spouse, disputes with family or that never-ending threat of Nursing Homes (...don't make me goooo!) 

From the injustice of Alzheimer's, the agony of Arthritis & the utter indignity of nagging UTI's - not to mention those delightful adult Incontinence Pants...

Working with Old People, you ask?


Working with the Elderly

(what was she thinking.....)


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